About the 13th Annual International Conference

The theme of this year's Annual International Conference is

"Strategic Assessment for Israel: A Look at the Coming Decade."

The conference will explore the security challenges and opportunities

of the next decade through four principal avenues:

Main Topics

Wednesday, January 29

The Next Decade in the Global Arena

How the World Went from Flat to Fast to Smart to Deep

Will We Long for the Outgoing Decade?

World Order: Strategic Competition and Dysfunction 

China and the West

Innovative Technologies and National Security

The Next Decade in the Middle-East

Views from the Arab World: Trends and Trajectories

The View From US CENTCOM

Ambassadors Discuss Syria

Commanders Debriefing

Thursday, January 30

Israel's Foreign Affairs and Security Challenges

American Sanctions on Iran

Antisemitism: A Global Problem

National Security and Public Opinion

A Look Inward: Changes within the Israeli Society

Main Challenges for the IDF in a Changing World

The Israeli Arab Community: Integration vs. Particularism

The Future of Israel as a Zionist Entity

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