Dr.Abdullah Sawalha

 Founder & Director of center for Israel studies –Jordan

Abdullah Swalha is the founder and director of the Center for Israel studies –Jordan (CIS), and since 2014, has been the Secretary of the Jordanian Political Science Association (JPSA). He is also a member of Jordan Transparency Center (JTC). Dr. Swalha holds a Ph.D. from Cairo University in Comparative Political Systems. His research focuses on Israeli affairs, religion and democracy in Israel, decision making process in Israel; the Israeli-Palestinian political process, comparative politics, democratization, democratic transition, religion and state, and religion and democracy.  He also has an M.A. in international relations from the University of Jordan. Before establishing the Center for Israel Studies, Dr.Swalha served Government Spokesman Office, and served as a teaching assistant in the  in the political science department at the University of Jordan.