Dr. Liran Antebi

Research Fellow, INSS  

Dr. Liran Antebi is a Research Fellow at INSS and a teaching fellow at Tel Aviv University. She holds a PhD. from Tel Aviv University, writing her dissertation on Robots Warriors in the Service of Democracy: The Impact of Military Robots on democracies' force employment in asymmetric conflicts. Dr. Antebi is involved in several research areas within the field of national security and military affairs, including: military technology, and the impact of advanced technologies on policy, power, and the future of war. She teaches courses on the Revolution in Military Affairs and the paradox of power. 

Dr. Antebi is a major in the Israeli Air Force, and has served as a reservist service since 2004. At INSS she coordinated the Technological Forecasting and Policy Implications research program and was a Neubauer research associate in 2013-2014.