MK Omer Barlev

Member of the Knesset

Omer Barlev was first elected to the 19th Knesset on February 2013 as a member of the Israeli Labor Party and was reelected to the 20th Knesset on March 2015. As a Member of Knesset Mr. Barlev sits on the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, heading the Subcommittee for Military Readiness and Routine Security, and member in other subcommittees, including the subcommittee on Intelligence. Prior to his political career he enjoyed a long career mainly in the Israeli Medical Hi-Tech industry.

MK Barlev was appointed the commander of the IDF's Special Forces in 1984. After completing his Master's degree in International Relations in 1988 Mr. Barlev served as a member of the IDF's delegation for the negotiations between Israel and the PLO and then after took part in negotiating the peace agreement with Jordan (1994). He holds a BSc in Agronomy from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Master's degree in International Relations and Strategy, Tel Aviv University. His M.A thesis which dealt with possible security arrangements between Israel and Syria in the Golan Heights, was published in 1992 as a book entitled "Security Arrangements in the Golan at the Future Battle Field". 

After the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin Mr. Barlev initiated and founded the movement 'Acharai' as an NGO (1997). Acharai is a refrain used in the IDF which means "Follow Me" the call of the Israeli commander to his soldiers in the battle field. Acharai's mission is to empower Israeli youth in the periphery whether geographical or social-economic and to strengthen their involvement and empathy to the democratic  and Zionist values. Within 15 years Acharai became one of the biggest and most successful Israeli youth organizations.