Moshe Bogi Ya'alon

Dr. Yehuda Ben Meir

Senior Research Fellow, INSS

Yehuda Ben Meir is head of the National Security and Public Opinion Project at INSS. A psychologist and an attorney, Dr. Ben Meir served as an assistant professor and chairman of the Department of Psychology at Bar Ilan University. He was a member of the Knesset from 1971 to 1984 and was deputy minister of foreign affairs in the Begin and Shamir governments. His affiliation with the Jaffee Center began in 1984.

Dr. Ben Meir is the author ofCivil Military Relations in Israel and National Security Decisionmaking: The Israeli Case. Dr. Ben Meir's areas of research are civil-military relations and Israeli public opinion. He is director of the Public Opinion and National Security Project at INSS, and he is the author (with Dafna Shaked) of The People Speak: Israeli Public Opinion on National Security 2005-2007 and (with Olena Bagno-Moldavsky)Vox Populi: Trends in Israeli Public Opinion on National Security 2004-2009 and The Voice of the People: Israeli Public Opinion on National Security 2012.