Maj. Gen. (ret.) Uzi Dayan


Uzi Dayan was drafted to the IDF in 1966 and served in a number of positions, including commander of a special forces unit, brigade commander, division commander, head of the Armored Corps, head of the Planning Division, the chief of the security delegation to negotiations with Jordan, Syria, and the Palestinians, chief of Central Command, and Deputy Chief of IDF General Staff. Maj. Gen. (ret.) Dayan was also appointed Chairman of the National Security Council between 2000-2002.
Today he volunteers as the President of the Kenes Sderot Conference and chairman of a youth organization name after Uri Maimon that takes children on outdoor trips. In 2011, he was appointed Chairman of Mifal Hapayis.

Maj. Gen. (ret.) Dayan received his B.A. from Hebrew University in Jerusalem in mathematics and physics and his M.A. in operations research from Stanford University.