MK Gilad Erdan

Minister of Public Security and Minister of Strategic Affairs

Gilad Erdan serves as the Minister of Public Security and Minister of Strategic Affairs, and is a member of the Security Cabinet. As Minister of Public Security, he is responsible for the Israeli Police, Border Police, and Emergency Services. In this role, he has led Israel's response to the recent wave of terror against the country's home front. As Minster of Strategic Affairs, he is responsible for leading Israel's activities to counter the international assault on Israel's legitimacy and BDS. MK Erdan previously served as Communications Minister, Interior Minister, Home Front Defense Minister. and Environmental Protection Minister. MK Erdan entered the Knesset in 2003 at the age of 33, and was recognized as the Outstanding Legislator of the 17th Knesset. Before entering the Knesset, he served as Chairman of the Young Generation of the Likud, and as an advisor to Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu.