Moshe Bogi Ya'alon

Prof. Sema Kalaycioglu

Yildiz Technical University


Sema Kalaycioglu earned her BA in Economics at Istanbul University; MA in Economics at University of Iowa; and PhD in Economics at Istanbul University. She became an assistant professor in 1982, an associate professor in 1986, and a full professor in 1992. She worked at Yildiz Technical University (1982-2003), Isik University (2003-2008), and Dogus University (2008-2011), where she served as the chairperson, the graduate dean, and the dean. Currently Prof. Kalaycioglu is teaching part-time and actively involved in the academic councils, publications, activities and seminars of the Turkish Asia Strategic Research Center (TASAM), the Marmara Group Foundation, where she also functions as adviser and consultant, and the NESA (Near East South Asia Studies). Her main research and teaching interests are International economics; economic development and sustainable development; international political economy; regional studies (area studies); political economy of Turkey and the Middle East; economics of the Middle East; energy economics; environmental economics.

Dr. Kalaycioglu was an IDE (Institute of Developing Economies) visiting scholar in Tokyo, Japan during the 1995-96 academic year, and a visiting scholar at the University of Minnesota in the summer of 1999. She has authored numerous books and articles on international economics, regional cooperation, and the economies of the Middle East and Turkey.