Moomen Sallam

Editor & Co-Founder, Civic Egypt 

Moomen Sallam is the editor and co-founder of Civic Egypt. He is the author of several articles in various websites, Civic Egypt, Copts United, Ahl Al Quran, Al-Mowaten and other Websites. Almania (Secularism) Magazine, magazine issued and distribute in Alexandria University. He is also the author of Al-almania Bebassata, “ABC Secularism”, and Al-liberalia Bebassata "ABC Liberalism" (EBooks). Mr. Sallam was also a speaker in several cultural and political conferences and Events.

Sallam is the coordinator of Zomra Cultural Seminar, based in Jesuit cultural Center, Alexandria (Weekly seminar). He is also the co-founder of Egyptian Secular Party (under construction), and a member of International Advisory Board of Raif Badawi Foundation. Sallam is an ex-Secretary of Training and Culture Committee, Free Egyptians Party at Alexandria, an ex-Secretary of Culture Committee, Muslim Brothers Movement at University of Alexandria, and an ex-member of Student Union, Faculty of Commerce at University of Alexandria. He has a B.Sc. Commerce, University of Alexandria , Department of Political Science (1995).